Custom Legal Marketing AI

Sonar can be customized to build highly targeted campaigns for any type of legal practice.  

Sonar's Data AI technology actively analyzes millions of public data sets such as court filings, accident / incident reports, police reports, web site visits and social media channels to identify unrepresented parties in need of immediate legal services.

Sonar's Marketing AI then initiates highly targeted multi-channel advertisements to quickly get your firm's message directly to these prospects. 

Sonar's Social Re-Marketing AI uses online and social behavioral tracking for repetitive messaging turning prospects into clients.  Re-marketing provides higher-quality leads resulting in a 128% conversion rate over standard marketing campaigns. 

Lead Exclusivity Sonar lead generation are custom developed campaigns and exclusive to firms by practice and jurisdiction.  

Contact us to discuss what types of cases, reports, and jurisdictions you'd like to discuss. 


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