Sonar Quickly Identifies Not-at-Fault Injured Individuals

Sonar builds highly targeted lists of Not-at-Fault injured individuals using information listed in police accident and incident reports.

Sonar's AI technology quickly searches thousands of reports to identify injured Not-at-Fault individuals.  Saving your firm valuable time and money. 

Tell Sonar to fetch what types of cases, reports, and jurisdictions to pull reports and extract data.

Service Includes:Complete reports in PDF format Extracted report data automatically imported into your Sonar Direct Mail Automation account.   

( See Sample Report Below )

Sonar fetch reports ( SAMPLE REPORT)


Example of Extracted Data from a Sonar accident report

  • Report #
  • Contact information of injured Not-at-Fault individuals
  • Injury severity information
  • Contact information of At-Fault party
  • Names and addresses for all parties listed in accident/incident report
  • Vehicle ownership information ( Accident Reports)
  • Insurance information for At-Fault party
  • Citation information
  • Any other information that can be found in report  

Data Optimization:

  • Address verification
  • Amending email addresses and phone numbers


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